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You want it out of the box and really catchy?
Then you´ve found the right PR agency for your next campaign

The right story to the right people at the right time.

That´s it, all you do need and no need to rely solely on the success of paid ads.

So, it´s time to get to real people with your story, in words they can readily understand.

How can your product have a unique flavour even to, say, a seasoned gourmet?

The word of mouth of satisfied customers, their experience and shared opinions, is worth a whole lot more, especially in this era of fake news, than glossy paid ads.

With you we can set up an intensive dialogue to communicate, cooperate and combine. And then we can mutually experience the growing reputation of your product.

What are you doing with your the most valuable asset – your brand? Just cherishing and putting it on the mantlepiece?

Of course it´s true that it´s not something physical, something you can touch, yet your brand represents not only hopes and dreams but solid values of quality and delivered expectations.

Your brand is your best tool to gain and keep the confidence of consumers, to attract new investors, new opportunities – all the while basking in the love of both the media and your employees.

We won´t rest there; we know a brand needs constant boosting. It needs to be scrutinized regularly. And for this we need to create a tailor made communication strategy with constant campaigns that will keep your brand at the top. Yes, the public will love it, but we want to make sure they trust it. Longevity is based on trust.

Ignorance shouldn´t be bliss – not unless you want to watch success pass you by…

For instance, political decisions can negatively impact society in general or your business in particular.

We carefully monitor key events and relevant matters in the legislative process. We will warn you in time about upcoming legislative proposals affecting your brand, as well as keeping an eye on topics related to your business.

Through discreet dialogue with the appropriate decision makers we are even able to be part of the decision-making process and share our clients´ opinions and comments.

It´s not enough these days just to put out a press release then share it on Facebook… and hope.

Good PR is about breakthrough ideas and attractive content and therefore we manage our clients´ marketing campaigns from conception through to striking success.

We create and carefully mould it for the right media. Our goal is to catch the selected target audience at the right time, the right place and in the right mood.

You might not need fans all the way from Indonesia.

5000 new fans within a few days and yet an empty page? No, that doesn´t boost your business at all. Only activity that brings real likes, and only quality content is worth sharing.

What you need is appropriate attention through a well managed profile, where people get what they would like to see. Once you have become relevant to them, you edge closer to them – be it on mobile, tablet, desktop or by word of mouth.

We will help you find new customers on social media, we will bring you new relevant fans and followers. We will show you just how fast the snowball effect can be.

Good relationships with key opinion leaders and communities can shoot your brand skywards.

You have a well-paid celebrity dressed in your cardigan on Instagram? That’s no longer a guarantee of success. Campaigns on specific community webs or Instagram must be well thought-out and every the last detail must be fine-tuned.

We´ll help you to select the right people to front your brand – your brand ambassadors, and create a true and authentic story with them – on their social media, and always with your brand on show.

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